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What to Consider When Selecting a Poster Size

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Before your posters can be printed, you must determine the best size to use. There are a few different factors that may influence your poster size, such as the amount of information you want included. Continue reading to find out more about choosing your poster size before printing it out.

How easily can the poster be displayed?
Depending on the type of poster—movie poster, band poster, project poster—you must consider how it will be displayed. Whether this is your personal poster or one that will end up in hundreds of homes, it will likely be displayed somewhere for others to see. If you are printing posters for a movie or band, then you will want a larger size that fans can frame. If you are simply handing out flyers to include with another purchase, you can look for a smaller size.

How easily can your poster be handed out?
Unless your poster is for a one-time presentation, you must consider how easily your posters will be to hand out. For example, advertisements for a store or concert may be easier to hand out in the smallest poster print available. You can still get the necessary information across, but your customers or fans will not have a large and long poster to carry around. If the poster is specifically meant to commemorate a movie, band, or event, then you can get away with a large poster print. Fans and customers will expect to have a large poster they can frame for posterity.

How easily can images be seen?
You must also consider how much information will be on your poster. The more information on your poster, then the larger it must be. If you are looking for a minimalist design, then consider printing the smaller poster sizes to save on materials.

Replica Digital Print & Copy offers three different poster print sizes in San Diego. We can work with you to select the perfect size to accommodate your needs once you call us at (858) 366-4746.

A Look at How Color Can Influence Your Customers

Determining the right colors for your brand, products, and advertising campaigns is crucial to having a successful business. These colors will appear on your website, color copies, printed media, and other branding items. Watch the video to see how much colors can influence your customers and your business.

Certain colors attract certain customers. For example, if your company advertises in red poster prints, then you may attract impulse shoppers. However, navy blue and teal colors will typically appeal to customers who shop on a budget. If your advertising campaign is geared toward budget shopping, then consider printing posters in these colors.

Learn the ins and outs of printing and designing with Replica Digital Print & Copy, your commercial printing company in San Diego. We can help you design a rich advertising campaign, complete with the right colors. Give us a call at (858) 366-4746 to learn more.

The Importance of Having an Eye-Catching Trade Show Banner

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When you participate in a trade show, you are competing with dozens or hundreds of other vendors. You need a standout trade show banner or poster printing that will draw in customers to your booth. Here is a brief look at why you need an eye-catching trade show banner:

  • Due to the heavy competition vendors experience during trade shows, your banner or poster print needs to have an effective and colorful design to help customers choose your booth over another.
  • Even if you are the only vendor providing a certain service or product, customers are constantly pulled in multiple directions during a trade show. With a digital poster printing, your banner will look cleaner and crisper, which will be more appealing to a variety of customers.
  • Even if no one purchases from you, your eye-catching banner—coupled with business cards and flyers—will stick in customers’ minds. They are likelier to look up your business after the trade show.

Work with the staff of Replica Digital Print & Copy to design and print posters that will grab everyone’s attention. Please call us at (858) 366-4746 to learn more about our poster printing and color copying near San Diego.

Answering Your Questions About Digital Printing

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When looking for ways to create new material for your company or personal project, you may run across digital printing. However, you may not know how it differs from printing a flyer at home or off your office copy machine. Continue reading to get to know more about digital printing and how it can help you.

Which mediums can be used with digital printing services?
The exceptional benefit of digital printing is that many mediums can be used. If you want to run a diverse advertising campaign, digital printing is the right way to go. With digital printing, you can print out flyers, manuals, postcards, folders, booklets, and heavy card stock. All of these print mediums and more can help your personal and professional printing needs.

How does digital printing differ from screen printing?
Screen printing is a long process that requires several layers of ink, heat transfers, and stencils. This process can take a long time just to complete one printing. Digital printing, however, utilizes computer technology that prints the image directly onto the surface of whatever is being used. Digital printing is less expensive and much quicker than screen printing, making it the best choice for personal and professional use.

How long does digital printing usually take?
While digital printing does require a much shorter turnaround time over screen printing, the length of printing time depends on the size of the job. Digital printing is not the same as running off a few pages from a copy machine. Commercial printing companies use the most up-to-date technology and printing machines to create quality materials, whether you are printing posters or a thousand small brochures. Speak with your printing company about the size and type of printing job you require, and you will receive an estimated time of completion.

If you have more questions, call the knowledgeable staff of Replica Digital Print & Copy at (858) 366-4746. With our digital printing services near San Diego, you can create a diverse campaign of print mediums. Give us a call right away to get started on your printing needs.

Typography 101

As seen in the video, typography refers to the appearance of a typed printing, meaning the look of the font. Typography is an important part of all digital printing design because the font can make or break an advertising campaign or personal project.

There are countless fonts to be found in typography, and each invokes a feeling in different people. To properly convey a brand’s message or the ideals of a company, the right font becomes a necessity. Without the right font on poster prints or color copies of brochures, customers may be turned off to the product or company. Work with a professional graphic designer on the right fonts for an advertising campaign.

Replica Digital Print & Copy is the one-stop location for all printing services near San Diego. We can help find the right fonts before printing the posters and starting your next campaign. Call us at (858) 366-4746 to get started.

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