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Answering Common Questions About Effective Poster Design

They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question, and asking the right question at the right time is an intelligent idea. In terms of poster printing, you should know what makes posters attractive, how to pick a font, and how to display your brand image. Read ahead for the answers to some common questions about effective poster design.

What will make people notice my poster?

Before you can start printing posters, you need to make sure your design is right for the task at hand. If you’re looking to advertise a new product, service, or event, you can use poster prints to catch people’s attention. Try to make your poster flashy so that it grabs the eye. You can also think about employing color psychology to instill a certain feeling in the viewer. Think hard about your design before going straight to printing.

How do I choose the right font?

Most posters involve words in some form or another. Yours might include the title of a company, an address where an event is being held, or a phone number to call for more information. None of this text will be useful if the viewers can’t read it, so choose your font carefully. Find a font that is easy to read on the poster in both digital and physical formats. Consider the effect that scaling will have on the font, and if it ever feels like the text isn’t legible enough, err on the side of caution and change the font to something simpler.

Should I represent my brand?

Representing your brand through poster printing is easy: Incorporate your brand. Use the colors, shapes, logos, and verbiage associated with your brand in some way, even if you just put your logo in the corner.

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Avoid These Common Design Mistakes When Creating Your Posters

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Posters are everywhere these days, especially if you live in a big city. If you’re getting ready for poster printing, you should be sure your design is up to par. You don’t want the font to be difficult to read from a distance, and you don’t want your poster to simply blend into the background. Look for local printing companies and have the job done right so your poster comes out just like it looks on the screen. Continue reading and avoid these common design mistakes when creating your posters.

Small or Illegible Font
When you send your design to the printers, you should be completely positive that it’s ready for production. Some people fail to consider their images in context, which presents a big problem if you put in a substantial order. Looking at your poster on a computer screen can be much different than looking at in person. Your eyes are probably only a foot or two away from the design when looking at the screen, which makes things easier to see. Pay attention to your font style and make sure it will be visible from a distance. If you fall in love with a font that’s not easily readable, make sure it’s at least big enough to notice on the poster.

Bad Color Scheme
Just like how poor font choice can ruin your poster printing experience, a bad color scheme can do the same. The information on your poster should stick out from the background, and the poster itself should stick out from the place where you post it. Think about color psychology and how you want your viewers to feel when they look at your poster as well.

Amateur Printing
Poor quality poster printing is a bad move. People can tell if you went the cheap route and sacrificed quality, and it will make your poster less effective. Go with a professional printing company instead.

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How to Prepare a Photo for Printing

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If you want to make the physical copy of your photo as beautiful as it looks on your camera or computer, you need to get the image prepared. This means choosing your colors and doing any editing or touch-ups, as well as changing the measurements to fit the printed material. The professionals can help you, but keep reading and see how to prepare a photo for printing.

Finalize Your Colors
Never send a photo out to the printing company before you double check the color scheme. Different cameras and computers can handle different levels of resolution, and you need to think about the way this will translate once the image is on paper. Extremely subtle variations in color might not make it through the printing process the way you would like them to if you don’t set your photo up to print the right way. Make sure you’re confident with your color scheme and take care of any last-second edits before you send in your photo.

Get the Right Measurements
Measurements are another element that fall into the technical category of color printing, and part of this has to do with the material you’re printing on. Book covers, album art, and posters all have different measurement requirements, so plan for the final product. Your photo should be sized properly so it fits the canvas, and you’ll need to consider room for bleed as well. The photo should also be in the correct proportion, or it will come out distorted.

Hire a Printing Company
Some people specialize in printing, some specialize in photography, and others specialize in both. It’s okay if the photo part is your particular area of expertise. In this case, talk to a professional printing company to make sure your image is ready to be sent to the printer.

Never start the printing process before preparing your photo. Instead, contact Replica Digital Print & Copy and make sure it’s ready to go. You can also learn about our commercial printing services by checking out our website or calling us at (858) 457-9500 today.

An Introduction to Color Theory

Color printing is a popular service for marketing and promotional materials, but the design makes or breaks the effectiveness. Knowing how colors work together can help you create the perfect design. Watch this video for an introduction to color theory.

If you understand color theory, you can create beautiful, eye-catching designs by mixing the right colors. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue, and you can mix two primary colors together to get secondary colors: orange, green, and purple. You can keep mixing from there to find the perfect color for your pamphlet or poster. Also consider factors like hue, saturation, and value for unique shades that bring out emotion and help sell your products.

Replica Digital Print & Copy brings your designs to life with printing serving San Diego. Call our office at (858) 457-9500 or look at our website and check out our commercial printing services.

A Quick Guide to Book Cover Design

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If you’re designing a book cover, you need to think about how other people will judge it. A professional printing company can help you stick to your style, represent the content of your book, and ensure that the title is clear and legible. Here is a quick guide to book cover design.

Consider Your Style
It can help to think about what you like to see when designing a book cover that you hope will appeal to others. If you are the author of the book, you can take this as an opportunity to represent and portray your own personal taste. You can include realistic photography, or you may prefer involving a more cartoon-style approach. Some people like a completely minimalist approach, where just the title of the book and the name of the author appear on the cover. Consider your style as well as the nature of the book when making this printing decision.

Represent the Content
The expression is “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” but when it comes to actual books, people will indeed judge by the cover. You can capture the eye of your target audience by designing your book cover in a way that represents what the book is about. Your book cover serves as a way to let people know what the book is like, just by looking at one image. Consider your writing style and your genre, and make sure the cover of your book lines up.

Make the Title Clear
You want people to be able to tell what your book is called at a glance, or be able to find it in a store with ease. A clear, legible title helps the viewer get an idea of what your book is about when looking at your cover. The title of the book should stand out and be easily found.

Are you looking for some help designing your book cover? Call Replica Digital Print & Copy at (858) 457-9500. Our San Diego printing services include commercial printing and cheap color copies. Learn how we can help you with your book cover by stopping by our offices or visiting our website.

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