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How to Network Even if You Hate It

Meeting people isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do, but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s not impossible, though, and some color copies of your business card may end up finding their way into the right hands. Watch this video on how to network even if you hate it.

Networking doesn’t have to be fake. Keep eye contact with the person you’re talking to, and try not to succumb to distractions—instead, be present in the conversation. Be sure to listen to other people, and think about your long-term goals rather than trying to rush into a business relationship immediately. People tend to notice when you’re not being genuine, so be honest rather than appeasing.

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What Kind of Binding Is Right for Your Project?

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The right type of binding typically depends on the printing project that you’re working on, and you’ll find quite a few options to choose from. Coil and tape binds are just 2 of the several options you can select, but you should know the pros and cons of each option. Read on and find out what kind of binding is right for your project.

Coil binding is the one type that is most commonly used, due in part to the fact that it will lie flat when it’s open. You can also use this type of binding for different sized printing projects, which isn’t necessarily the case for all the other types. The comb bind is also popular for the same reason. Velo binds tend to be viable choices for reports because they’re easy to file, and tape binds make for a common choice when it comes to lab manuals.

The professionals at Replica Digital Print & Copy would be happy to help you find the right binding for your printing project. If you have any questions about our printing services near San Diego, please don’t hesitate to visit our website or give us a call at (858) 457-9500 today.

Tips for Launching Your New Logo

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Launching a new logo is exciting, and it can be a huge deal for your brand. Although there are plenty of ways you can go about it, some are more advantageous than others. Designing a cohesive logo, working with the printing professionals, and letting people know about the launch can all help you find success. Keep reading for more on these tips for launching your logo.

Make It Cohesive with Your Brand
Design means everything when it comes to your logo. The design will determine how people receive it, and it might even influence how you reveal it. If your business is just starting, your first logo gives you an opportunity to establish a brand identity. If you’re updating your logo, make sure it reflects your brand’s values. Incorporate colors and symbols that people already associate with your business so your logo is easy to recognize and relate to.

Work with Professional Printers
Even in the digital age, there is still value to physical poster printing. If you want to show off your new logo, you’ll want to show it off in its best incarnation. This is where digital printing professionals come in. Rather than printing posters straight out of the office, talk to the professionals so you can ensure that you’ll be proud of the finished product. This will make your brand look better during your big reveal.

Spread the Word
If you want to make a splash with your logo, you need to make sure that people know about its launch. Social media can provide a great deal of help when it comes to grabbing your fans’ attention, and you can use different platforms to generate a buzz about your new look. Combined with professional printing, an internet presence can help you make the most of your new logo launch.

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Smart Marketing on a Small Business Budget

Finances never stop being important, but you might not have much to work with when you’re just getting started. Fortunately, there are ways to make the most of your budget, like going with the right printing company. Watch this video for smart marketing tips.

Marketing shouldn’t run your budget dry, especially when your funds are low to begin with. If you’re not looking to spend much, try social media platforms like Facebook. You can use paid ads in addition to social engagement to spread the word and grow your business. You can also use direct mail, but be sure to choose a printing company you can trust for your materials.

Poster printing in San Diego goes a long way when it comes to effective marketing on a small budget, so call Replica Digital Print & Copy at (858) 457-9500. Visit our website if you’re interested in cheap poster printing services today.

Tips for Designing Business Stationery

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Your business stationery will represent your brand, so it should look professional and include the right colors. It should also feature your logo, if you have one, and you should use a professional printing service to bring it to life. Keep reading for more on these tips for designing business stationery.

Use Brand Colors
Business stationery like notepads and appointment cards will be primarily blank so that there’s room to write down your notes and appointment times. This doesn’t mean that it won’t include any color, however, but you should be cognizant of the hues you choose. Picture your brand in your mind, and think about what kinds of colors are associated with it. Keep in mind that color can have a real, albeit subtle, impact on people, which you hopefully took into account when branding in the first place. It can be helpful for these colors to make an appearance on your business stationery.

Include a Logo
The right colors will represent your brand and draw people in, but you can do even more to add your business’ trademark to its stationery. If your business has a logo, be sure to include that as well. You can even use it as a watermark that faintly appears in the background across the bulk of your notepad so that the writing over it is still legible.

Hire a Printing Professional
When you want your printing done right—which should be all the time—you should work with the printing pros. Not only will your digital printing experts ensure that your product comes out looking great, they can also offer design tips if you’re struggling. The professionals can use their experience in the industry to help you craft business stationery that you can be proud of.

Do you still need help designing stationery for your business? Don’t wait to contact the team at Replica Digital Print & Copy. Printing serving San Diego is our specialty, and business stationery is included within our commercial printing services. You can learn all about us by visiting our website or calling us at (858) 457-9500.

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