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Benefits of Custom Envelopes

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Making your business successful takes a lot of hard work and dedication. In addition to staying ahead of your competitors by offering a superior service or product, you have to manage personnel, deal with finances, and interact with your customers. Customer interaction means more than just face-to-face dealings. Every time a person is faced with your company name could be considered a customer interaction, so it’s up to you to make a great impression to attract and retain loyal customers. By having custom envelopes professionally printed, you can do just that.

No matter what type of business you run, chances are you need to use the mail to communicate with vendors and customers alike. When you have custom envelopes, the recipient will see the same logo that’s on your website, in your store, and even on your products. Establishing a consistent presence through smart branding helps your customers remember who you are, and gives you a chance to show that you are professional and should be taken seriously. You can design custom envelopes yourself, or rely on an outside company to help you create a design that reflects your business and your aesthetics.

One of the many benefits of custom envelopes is that they let your customers and vendors see who an item of mail is from before they even open it. With so much junk mail clogging up mailboxes these days, this can give you a big advantage. Your customers will see that the mail is from you and know that they should keep it, rather than tossing it out with the junk mail.

Time is of the essence when you’re running a business, and it may often feel like you don’t have enough of it. By using custom envelopes printed with your business name and address, you and your employees can streamline your work since you won’t have to write out a return address or apply a label on every piece of mail you send.

Replica Digital Print & Copy has been serving individuals and companies in the San Diego area with high-quality printed products for 16 years. We can assist you with every aspect of your printing project so that you can focus on your business. Call us at (858) 457-9500 to learn more about our services.

Business Card Design Tips

A business card is one of the most important things to have on you at all times, no matter what field you’re in. Watch this video for tips on what your business card design should include.

At the most basic level, your business card should include your company’s name, logo, and contact information, including a phone number and website URL. If what you do is not immediately obvious from the name of your company, you’ll need to state your job title or a few words about your services. That way, when you give your card to people, they won’t have to memorize everything you say—it will be spelled out on your card and visible at all times.

Replica Digital Print & Copy offers same-day turnaround service when you need your business cards in a hurry. Call us at (858) 457-9500 to experience the service that has made us San Diego’s top choice for digital printing, commercial printing, and more for 16 years. 

How You Can Use Manuals in Your Business

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Depending on what type of business you’re in, you may think that manuals are the last thing you need. However, virtually every type of business can benefit from a manual in some way. For one, training manuals make it easier to train new employees and pass on the training responsibilities to your senior staff members. Manuals can also be used to educate your employees on your products and service offerings. Of course, manuals can also be included with your products to help consumers get the most out of their new purchase.

If you want to use manuals in your business, Replica Digital Print & Copy of San Diego can help. We offer printing and binding services that will produce sturdy, professional-looking manuals for your employees and customers. Visit our print shop or call us at (858) 457-9500 to learn more about our printing and binding services.

Scan Business Cards with This App

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If you attend a lot of expos or trade shows, you probably have more business cards than you know what to do with. Fortunately, there’s a new iPhone app that can help you eliminate business card clutter and keep in contact with the men and women you meet. CamCard reads business cards and instantly saves the e-mail and phone information to your Contacts. It also syncs all of your cards across all of your devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

If you need eye-catching business cards, Replica Digital Print & Copy can help. We are your source for digital printing services in San Diego. From business cards and flyers to brochures and banners, we can print everything you need to make lasting impressions with potential customers and clients. Call Replica San Diego today at (858) 457-9500 to learn more about our digital printing services.

Creating Effective Trade Show Banners

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Trade shows attract thousands of attendees, and virtually all of them will walk by your booth at some point during the event. How do you make sure your set-up catches their attention and generates interest in your product or service? One way is to print eye-catching trade show banners. Banners are like large posters, and they can help set your booth apart from nearby competitors. To help you make the best impression, here are some tips for creating effective trade show banners.

Be Bold and Inviting
There are likely to be hundreds of exhibitors at the trade show you are participating in, so don’t be afraid to take chances with your trade show banners. Bold, eye-catching designs will surely garner interest from the attendees, especially if all of the other exhibitors went with boring, conservative design schemes.

Capture Your Brand’s Image
Your banners should capture your brand’s image and express your company’s voice. Doing so will help prospective clients connect with your company before they even talk to you or look at your promotional materials up close. Think about your company’s core values and try to incorporate them into your banners as much as possible.

Connect with the Audience
Not everyone will stop and talk with you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to connect with as many attendees as possible. Include calls to action on your banners to encourage the public to connect with you outside of the trade show. Include your company’s phone number and website, as well as email address, Twitter handle, and Facebook name.

Replica Digital Print & Copy is your source for trade show banners in San Diego. Our digital printing experts will print your trade show banner designs on our HP plotter, which will produce the most vibrant colors in your banners. Visit our website to learn more about our digital print services, or call us at (858) 457-9500 to request a quote on your printing job.

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