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Understanding the Basic Types of Logos

Though the quality of your products or services is very important, how customers perceive your business can also have a huge impact. One great way to connect with the public is to design an elegant and recognizable logo.

This video offers a close look at three different kinds of logos. Typographic logos are comprised of words, while symbolic logos are symbols without text. Most organizations have a combination of symbols and text for their logos. Some companies start out with combination logos, and transition to symbolic logos as their brand becomes more recognizable.

Once you design your organization’s logo, let the commercial printing experts at Replica San Diego bring it to life. We’re proud to lend our digital printing expertise to help support San Diego businesses. Call (858) 366.4746 if you have any questions.

Building a Better Business Trip [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re in business, it’s likely that a big part of your job involves traveling to build client relationships and attract new customers. To get the most out of any business trip, preparation is key. Along with packing the right clothes, it’s essential that your travel bags are filled with everything you need to do business. Business cards, flyers, color presentation aides, and other printed materials are important travel companions. Replica San Diego explains how to make your business trips more productive in this infographic. We do last-minute printing and are open late seven days a week for all of your commercial printing needs. You can even email us your documents and let us print while you work. Please share this info with your co-workers to help end workplace panic over last-minute printing jobs.


Making Your Logo Memorable

Making Your Logo Memorable

How difficult can logo design be? While some companies make logos look easy, creating a memorable brand can actually be quite difficult. Still, if you keep a few simple tips in mind, you can be well on your way to creating a widely recognizable logo.

One piece of advice is to keep your logo simple. A simple logo is a usually much more pleasant to look at—particularly if potential customers will be seeing it in passing. It’s also important for a logo to work well on business cards, billboards, and everything in between. To prevent your logo from becoming an eyesore, consider only using one or two colors. If you want your logo to have a timeless quality to it, refrain from giving it a design that is uniquely 2014.

Whether you’re looking to print your logo on a brochure or a banner, Replica San Diego would be happy to help you out. Our digital printing services include color copies, poster printing, and much more. Call our San Diego office at (858) 366-4746 to speak with a commercial printing professional.

Creating the Perfect Presentation

Creating The Perfect Presentation

Putting together a stellar presentation is important for a number of reasons. Not only can a good presentation improve your reputation around the office, but it can help move your organization in the right direction. If you’re like most people, you probably get nervous when preparing for presentations. Here are a few tips to help you knock your next presentation out of the park.

Find the Right Setting
When planning your presentation, determine what kind of space would best help you get your point across. You might also consider the length of your presentation, which visual aids you plan to use, and how many people will be present. If you’re planning a “think outside the box” kind of presentation, you might have it outdoors. Otherwise, you’ll likely want a traditional conference room with ample seating and space for your visual aids.   

Print Vivid Visual Aids
Have you ever heard of the adage, “show, don’t tell”? Even if you’re a fantastic public speaker, it’s a great idea to bring plenty of exciting visual aids. Easy-to-read graphs, charts, and posters can make a good presentation great. The best way to make your visual aids stand out is to work with a professional digital printing firm.   

Pass Out Bound Reports
Though your presentation should have plenty of substance, you should also think about style. People don’t always have rational opinions; the way you present your ideas can make or break your presentation. To make your presentation seem a bit more professional, consider passing out bound and laminated reports that summarize or complement your speech. Also, these reports can keep your ideas fresh in your coworkers’ minds long after your presentation is through.

The next time you have an idea for a presentation, contact the digital printing experts at Replica San Diego. Whether you need to print color copies, get your reports bound, or rent a conference room, we’ll be happy to help. Call our San Diego office at (858) 366.4746 to find out how our commercial printing experts can help you and your business succeed.

The Importance of Branding Your Business

The Importance of Branding Your Business

In today’s economy, brands are what sell. Yes, it is important to have quality products and customer service, but if you cannot spread the word about your brand, you will not get the kind of business you need to succeed in the corporate world. Take advantage of any resources that help you create a thriving brand for your company:

People Gravitate Toward Brands They Know
If someone is looking at a few different products that do the same thing but they only recognize one brand, they are most likely to gravitate toward that product. Give yourself as much of an advantage as you can in your industry by creating a brand that gets attention.

People Remember Brands
If you do a good job of branding your business, you are encouraging both customers and potential customers to remember your company. Even if someone does not buy a certain product at the moment, if they remember the brand name, they are more likely to do so in the future. When it comes to running a successful business, the more focus you can keep on your brand the better.

People Talk about Brands
On top of commercial printing services, branding your business is an important way to advertise. If your brand is one that the general public recognizes, they might have conversations about your products or services that they would not otherwise have. This keeps your business name circulating throughout the community and gives you more potential to attract new customers.

Whether you are just starting out or are trying to branch into bigger markets, Replica San Diego is here for you. Our commercial printing services give you everything you need to make a big deal about your brand and share it throughout the community. Whether you want to do digital printing or print posters, we can help. To learn more, visit us online or call (858) 457-9500.

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