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5 Ways a Printing Shop Can Save the Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you’re a student or part of the workforce, there’s one member of the community that could come to your rescue in ways you haven’t even imagined: a printing shop. When you get invited to one of the most important networking events in town, but you’re fresh out of business cards, who can make sure you make the right impression? A printing shop can! What about when you’re down to the wire on the deadline for your dissertation and need it to be bound before you finally turn it over? A printing shop can bind it any way you need, so the committee will be impressed before they even start reading it. From your long-term digital printing and copying needs to your last-minute, urgent posters, banners, and more, Replica Digital Print & Copy is here to save the day. Find out five ways we can help with your commercial printing needs and more in this infographic. Contact us when you need printing in San Diego, and help ease the panic of others in printing crises by sharing this helpful information.

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Beware of These Common Branding Pitfalls

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Branding can make or break your company, and yet many businesses make the same kinds of mistakes. Your brand should be entirely original and unique, and you should trust the printing professionals for your physical needs. Make sure you have a concrete direction for your brand, and continue on to learn more about common branding pitfalls to look out for.

Lack of Originality
When you start a business, you have the opportunity to create a completely new brand. Don’t squander this opportunity by copying another brand, as this can be confusing and will most likely continue to remind customers and clients of the brand that came first. Think about what made you decide to start your business in the first place, the colors that are associated with your company, and how you might be able to portray your ideals with a logo.

Low-Quality Printed Materials
Even if your design is spot on, poor quality printing can ruin your printed materials. Printing your promotional materials on your own might cut costs, but it won’t come out looking professional. When you’re branding your business, make sure you work with trustworthy printing professionals who can create high-quality products for you and your company. Printing companies can also help you with the designs of your materials, so you can benefit from their professional expertise and make the most of your color copies.

Unclear Direction
A successful brand creates positive associations in people’s minds. If you are not quite sure what your business stands for, it might be difficult for you to create a cohesive brand image that represents your main objectives and ideals. Make sure you take some time to think about what your brand should mean to your customers, and then use this direction to drive your brand forward.

If you’re looking to steer your brand in the right direction, contact the professionals at Replica Digital Print & Copy. From cheap color copies to commercial printing near San Diego, we can take care of your printing needs. Look at our website or call us at (858) 457-9500 to learn more.

A Look at Our Ordering Options for Corporate Printing

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You might need commercial printing for memos, brochures, pamphlets, or countless other types of printed materials. When you work with quality commercial printing services like Replica Digital Print & Copy, you will be able to choose from a multitude of options. Our team understands that different companies have different needs, and it’s our job to make sure we meet or exceed your expectations. Here’s a look at our ordering options for corporate printing.

When you’re getting your design and materials together to consult a professional printer about your needs, remember that your expert will work with you to help you make the right decision. At Replica Digital Print & Copy, we are proud to offer various corporate printing services. Our staff can help you out with binding and lamination, but first you’ll need to consider what type of paper to print on. Heavier stock means more durable and long-lasting paper, making it a viable choice for office memos and reminders that are designed to stick around.

For more on our corporate printing serving San Diego, call Replica Digital Print & Copy at (858) 457-9500 today. You can also visit our website or stop by to learn about our printing services.

Design Guidelines for Posters

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Whether you’re trying to draw a crowd to an upcoming event or spread the word about a new business that’s opening, poster printing may be the way to go. In order to make your post as effective as possible, you should think about its size and legibility. Don’t be afraid to ask the pros for help, and read ahead for design guidelines for posters.

Choose the Right Size
A few elements should cross your mind when you’re printing posters, like where you plan to put them up and how much space you’ll have to work with. Small poster prints can be nice to keep at local businesses so shoppers who come across them can pick them up, but a small poster may look awkward hanging up with too much space around it. On the other hand, a poster that is too large for its space can look just as awkward, or it may not fit the area at all.

Make Your Design Legible
One of the benefits of large-scale poster printing is that it tends to be easier to make your design understandable. Larger poster printing means more space between letters, so you might have a little more room for flexibility when choosing a font. However, you should still always choose a font that people can easily understand, even from a distance.

Ask for Help
If you’re the brains of the operation, poster printing might not be your area of expertise. It’s always better to consult the professionals rather than go through the poster printing process and realize you don’t like the finished product. Since you’ll need their help to bring your materials to life anyway, it doesn’t hurt to take the opportunity to ask them for advice.

Is it time for you to do some poster printing in San Diego? Be sure to contact the team at Replica Digital Print & Copy by calling (858) 457-9500. Printing posters is our forte, and our seasoned professionals can help with your design. Learn more about our printing services by coming to meet us or checking out our website.

What Should Be on Your Business Card?

Making a business card can be exciting, but not everyone knows what to include. It’s helpful to make your decision before you head to the printing professionals. Check out this video clip to find out what should be on your business card.

Effective business cards are typically on the simple side. Your name or the name of your company—or both—should be featured and emphasized, but you can also include your email address and social media information. Rather than letting your business card do all the work, think about what you will say to people when you hand your card out.

Replica Digital Print & Copy handles printing serving San Diego, so we’d be happy to help with your business card. If you want to learn about our color copy printing or you’re interested in printing posters, check out our website or give us a call at (858) 457-9500 today.

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