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Taking Your Passport Photo

Whether you need a passport to travel abroad for work or pleasure, having a good passport photo that clearly shows your face is essential. This video clip offers a few tips for taking a good passport photo when you visit your local printing company.

Getting your hair cut the week before your passport photo will be taken and allowing yourself plenty of time to style it will help you look neat and confident in your photo. Avoid wearing a patterned shirt, and choose a shirt style that is classic, rather than trendy—after all, you’ll likely be using this passport for the next decade.

Another great way to ensure that you have a good passport photo is to visit a professional printing company that offers passport photo services. Replica Digital Print & Copy offers passport photo services, poster printing, and digital printing in San Diego. To learn more about our printing services, call us today at (858) 457-9500.

Comparing the Benefits of Gloss and Matte Digital Printing

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When it comes to choosing the best printing method for your products and materials, there are a number of factors to consider, one of which is whether you’d prefer a gloss or matte finish. Both gloss and matte digital printing can offer you a number of benefits.

Matte printing is ideal for products that must be displayed without being behind glass or plastic, or in any environment where glare could be an issue. This is because there is no glare at all associated with matte printing. On the other hand, if your goal is to achieve vibrant and eye-catching colors with your prints, then a gloss finish could be the right choice. When clarity is crucial, opt for matte printing. If you want crisp, sharp, and colorful images, then you can benefit from choosing gloss.

At Replica Digital Print & Copy, we offer a broad range of printing services, including gloss and matte digital printing near San Diego. For information about these or our other services, please give us a call at (858) 366-4767.

Reasons to Choose High-Quality Digital Printing for Your Newsletter

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Digital printing works by pulling an image directly from a digital file, rather than a plate, and it is a favorite for short-run color and on-demand printing. If you’re undecided about your printing method, then you should know that there are several reasons why it makes sense to choose high-quality digital printing for your newsletter.

For Quality Products
Advances in today’s digital printing technology make it an option for printing quality materials that is growing in popularity. Digital printing is often indistinguishable from other high-quality printing methods to all but someone with a trained eye. Because digital printing technology has become so advanced in recent years, it can be an ideal choice for newsletter printing.

For Affordable Printing
The digital printing technology of today allows even small businesses to choose a high-quality printing method without going over budget. Digital printing does not require setup charges as with some other options, meaning that you can print just a few marketing materials without incurring extra fees for the service. Additionally, you can potentially save on costs the more copies you choose to print.

For More Options
The digital printing quality that you can get today opens up this printing method to everyone from graphic designers to small business owners, making it an option for many. Also, high-quality digital printing can be done using advanced printing techniques, in different binding options, with a range of finishes, and on a variety of paper stocks.

For Excellent Results
You and your team put a great deal of work into each newsletter that you publish. By choosing high-quality digital printing services, you help ensure the best possible product. If you want your photos and headlines to be sharp, clear, and saturated, then digital printing can be an excellent choice for your newsletter.

Replica Digital Print & Copy specializes in both individual and commercial digital production and print needs. To learn about our services for high-quality digital printing near San Diego, please give us a call today at (858) 366-4767.

Ideas for Creating a Unique Typography Poster

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Are you looking for something memorable and eye-catching for your poster prints? If so, then you may be planning to use typography for your project. Before printing your design, consider the following ideas for creating a unique typography poster:

Fill in an Image with Words
If you’re thinking about designing a poster that lists a category of words instead of featuring a phrase or 2, then you have a great opportunity to create something unique. First, think about the message that you’d like to deliver and then come up with a simple image that relates to it. Next, use your list of words to shape the image. Also, consider limiting this type of design to just a few colors to prevent it from looking too busy.

Keep Your Message Simple
When creating a typography poster, people commonly attempt to create something that is eye-catching and informative but also unique and intricate. If you want to make a statement with your typography, then try cutting down the amount of text that goes into the design, using most of the space for just a few words and then adding any additional information in a small font at the bottom of the poster.

Break Up Information with Design
If your design is meant to be explanatory, features a lot of text, and doesn’t catch the eye, then consider working the information into 1 larger image that represents what the text refers to. For example, you could use a mountain range for a hiking or camping event. Fill the top and bottom areas of the image with a single color to give it some framework and then work your text into the design. In this example, you could use 1 mountain for each category of information and vary text size and direction for added interest.

If you’re in need of high-quality digital poster printing services in San Diego, then come and see us at Replica Digital Print & Copy. Please give us a call at (858) 366-4767 for more information about the printing services that we offer that include poster printing and much more.

Looking at the Link Between Psychology and Advertising

When it comes to advertising, several factors can influence how well a commercial solicitation is able to sell a service or commodity. If you’re in the process of designing materials for printing, then watch this video to learn about the link between psychology and advertising.

Psychology is an essential component of advertising, and one of the primary functions of advertising is to persuade. Bright colors, an emotional story, an attractive speaker, and music are a few of the cues that advertising uses to persuade people. These cues are used to influence the audience’s emotions, feelings, and senses.d

Whether you need digital printing, color copying, or poster prints, look no further than Replica Digital Print & Copy. For information about our services for commercial printing in San Diego, please call (858) 366-4767.

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