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How Digitally Printed Media Can Benefit Your Advertising Campaign

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In this world of technology, you might think printed advertisements are obsolete, but that could not be further from the truth. Commercial printing is becoming more necessary than ever, because it gives your customers something that won’t be swept away with the click of a button. Let’s look at how your company can still benefit with printed media.

It gives customers something to hold.
More often than not, customers are likelier to remember your company or your product when they have something tangible to hold or look at. With the prevalence of internet ads increasing, many people have begun to scan over or completely ignore these forms of advertisement. By printing posters, business cards, and other physical advertisements, your customers will feel more connected to your company, and they are likelier to shop with you over a company advertising solely on the web.

It is becoming a lost advertising art.
Since so many companies look to the internet to feature all of their advertising, there are more available slots in magazines, newsletters, and brochures than ever before. You can take advantage of the “lost” art of printed media and benefit from updated technology, materials, and designs that many printing companies offer. You can also use this availability to run your advertising campaign through a variety of channels and materials, including posters and labels.

It can bridge print and web campaigns.

There are still many ways that you can combine a printed media campaign with an online campaign. For example, commercial printing often includes a QR code, which customers can scan with their smartphone. This QR code can take them directly to your company’s website, a place to order your product, or to a description of the advertised product. By including this in your physical advertisements, you can satisfy your customers with a complete advertising campaign.

Work with the experienced staff at Replica Digital Print & Copy to run a great advertising campaign. With our commercial printing near San Diego, we can help your company succeed with printed media. We are available for your call at (858) 366-4767.

Make a Lasting Statement with Vinyl Posters

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If you have ever had a poster hanging up in your bedroom, then you know the value of quality, vinyl poster prints. This type of poster printing creates a long-lasting product that can stand the test of time. Whether used as a band poster, window display, or other form of advertisement, vinyl posters make a lasting statement for everyone to see.

Vinyl posters are much more durable than standard poster printing. Vinyl also allows for greater vibrancy of color and definition of images. These features help these poster prints to stand out in your and your customers’ minds to make a more lasting impression.

With almost 20 years of experience printing posters, Replica Digital Print & Copy knows how to make beautiful posters. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and print great products that we know you’ll love. Call us at (858) 366-4767. to learn more about our many printing services near San Diego.

Pro Tips for Designing an Effective Poster

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Before you can send your poster design off for printing, you must ensure that it is sufficient enough to represent your company or product. Designing an effective poster, however, is easy once you have these helpful tips:

Tip #1: Find Your Focus
When designing a poster, you need to find the right focus that will draw in viewers. This focus could be your company’s logo, mascot, or product. If you are designing a poster with a more ambiguous focus—meaning the advertisement is not apparent at first glance—then find the right focus to still represent your company or advertising campaign. This may be a secondary image within your company or campaign, but it must still represent your message.

Tip #2: Choose Important Words

Once you draw in viewers, you need to get your message across quickly and in as few words as possible. Whether your poster prints are outside on the street or inside a comfortable office, they must communicate quickly or your viewers will become bored or put-off. Choose important and dynamic words that are strategically placed
round your poster. If you include product reviews or movie reviews, choose short sentences that viewers can skim easily. Make sure your logo is succinct and memorable as well.

Tip #3: Balance Your Colors
Your posters and other printings should have a balance that is pleasing to the eye. If you choose to saturate your posters in one color, then make sure your words and focus are printed in an attention-grabbing color. If you use a multitude of colors, then be sure they are balanced across the poster. Ensure that the colors you choose are complementary and promote your business or products.

Work with the experts at Replica Digital Print & Copy for all of printing needs in San Diego. We specialize in printing posters, color copying, designing, and so much more. Please visit us online or call us at (858) 366-4767. to learn more.

What to Consider When Selecting a Poster Size

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Before your posters can be printed, you must determine the best size to use. There are a few different factors that may influence your poster size, such as the amount of information you want included. Continue reading to find out more about choosing your poster size before printing it out.

How easily can the poster be displayed?
Depending on the type of poster—movie poster, band poster, project poster—you must consider how it will be displayed. Whether this is your personal poster or one that will end up in hundreds of homes, it will likely be displayed somewhere for others to see. If you are printing posters for a movie or band, then you will want a larger size that fans can frame. If you are simply handing out flyers to include with another purchase, you can look for a smaller size.

How easily can your poster be handed out?
Unless your poster is for a one-time presentation, you must consider how easily your posters will be to hand out. For example, advertisements for a store or concert may be easier to hand out in the smallest poster print available. You can still get the necessary information across, but your customers or fans will not have a large and long poster to carry around. If the poster is specifically meant to commemorate a movie, band, or event, then you can get away with a large poster print. Fans and customers will expect to have a large poster they can frame for posterity.

How easily can images be seen?
You must also consider how much information will be on your poster. The more information on your poster, then the larger it must be. If you are looking for a minimalist design, then consider printing the smaller poster sizes to save on materials.

Replica Digital Print & Copy offers three different poster print sizes in San Diego. We can work with you to select the perfect size to accommodate your needs once you call us at (858) 366-4767.

A Look at How Color Can Influence Your Customers

Determining the right colors for your brand, products, and advertising campaigns is crucial to having a successful business. These colors will appear on your website, color copies, printed media, and other branding items. Watch the video to see how much colors can influence your customers and your business.

Certain colors attract certain customers. For example, if your company advertises in red poster prints, then you may attract impulse shoppers. However, navy blue and teal colors will typically appeal to customers who shop on a budget. If your advertising campaign is geared toward budget shopping, then consider printing posters in these colors.

Learn the ins and outs of printing and designing with Replica Digital Print & Copy, your commercial printing company in San Diego. We can help you design a rich advertising campaign, complete with the right colors. Give us a call at (858) 366-4767 to learn more.

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